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Why Artificial Intelligence

Is it still a bull or a bear market? Do you have different strategies for different market conditions? Do you constantly learn? With Artificial Intelligence we can do this

Constant Optimization

AI Servers are constantly trained and adjust their own strategies for fast changing market conditions with our innovative deep learning and powerful GPU servers.


We have hundreds of Artificial Intelligence servers working for you. Some of them are focused on a long term indicators, others trained to sense short term price swings.

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Every day in running market and after market closed Spider Signals feeds data of all stocks and commodities to the Spider Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Servers. They produce alerts in a form of Buy or Sell signals. Each Alert is associated with a confidence level and only when confidence is greater than 90% spider signals release the signals to clients.

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Artificial Intelligence can help traders make smarter decisions in stock and commodity market through suitable accurate suggestions based on market movements and by analysing minimum 10 years market datas and constantly enhancing the customer experience and accuracy.

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